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Fair-Trade Media

The SSP built to meet the needs of Premium Publishers and their Advertisers
100% Free for Premium Publishers

Most publishers are paying 10-30% of their programmatic campaign fees to their SSP providers.  

Not only is this a significant portion of their profits, it creates a real barrier to smaller publishers from offering their inventory programmatically.  


Fair-Trade Media is 100% free to Premium Publishers when the demand source is from one of our exclusive Demand Side Partners.  


No hidden tech fees or integration fees - 100% free.

We believe transparency for all parties across the digital media value chain is the key to expanding 'Trust, Fairness & Value' for all stakeholders. Our Publishers make more margin working with Fair-Trade Media than with any other programmatic supply side platform.  That creates long term partnerships  - which is our ultimate aim.


For advertisers, there is comfort in knowing that more of your media spend is going to publishers rather than on tech fees and that the inventory available across the SSP is authenticated and trusted in order to uphold the highest quality audience standards..  

Transparency and Control

Many Publishers have expressed concerns about the 'where is our inventory sold' dilemma. Transparency of who has access and at what price is critical for publishers as they get pulled into programmatic buying scenario's.  


Some have had experiences in the past where an SSP has sold their inventory into multiple re-sellers / exchanges without the Publishers knowledge or permission.

Fair-Trade Media provides complete Publisher control over where their inventory will be sold.  Publishers can restrict demand sources by IAB category, URL or DSP.


We are Ads.txt compliant to ensure our Publishers have complete confidence in where their inventory is being offered.


Fair-Trade Media is connected to the BidSwitch network, so our advertisers can continue to work with their chosen DSPs with no change to their existing operations or billing procedures.

GDPR Compliant

We take privacy seriously and as such we are completely compliant with GDPR legislation.  We will continue to upgrade our platform as necessary to ensure we remain compliant with GDPR and other relevant legislation.  

High Viewability Inventory

All of Fair-Trade's publishers are contractually obligated to only provide us with inventory that has a viewability rate of 60% or higher in developed markets like AUNZ and Singapore. 


Advertisers only pay for inventory that reaches this benchmark - resulting in higher impact campaigns with a better ROI.  

If you're interested in joining Free-Trade Media as a publisher or speaking to us about a campaign, please Get In Touch

* Please note only Premium Publishers with inventory achieving a minimum viewability of 60% will be considered.

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