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Trusted Household names that add credibility to any campaign​

National newspapers, premium magazines, niche communities that resonate with your brand and the most valuable online properties globally.  


These elite online sites attract millions of daily subscribers and are the backbone of our Premium Publisher network.  

Across every APAC region, we work with the local superstar publishers whose clear targeting demographics help advertisers reach key verticals including:

  • Travel

  • Family

  • B2B

  • Gaming

  • Shopping

  • Automotive

  • Luxury

What does Premium really mean?

  • The highest performing formats - Homepage sliding billboards, wallpapers, re-skins

  • First-Party Data Attachment: inventory with proprietary first-party publisher audience data 

  • High viewability rating - minimum of 60% (70% in ANZ and Singapore)

  • Tier 1 websites

  • Brand Safety

  • Is adjacent to quality editorial, advertising, and other content 

If a niche audience is part of your campaign plans, Get in Touch to see how we can make the experience seamless and efficient.

Premium Publishers

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