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Connecting International brands to Hard to Reach Media

Fair-Trade Media, works with both agencies and direct clients to streamline their access to Premium Publishers.  

These are the publishers who are household names, the sites that advertisers most want to see their brands associated with.  


From International titles to local niche players in every vertical.

To access premium publisher inventory requires a direct relationship that ensures both preferential deal terms and the highest levels of viewability.  

We provide our clients with curated Private Market Places of Premium Publishers that meet their advertising goals.  

Our SSP, Fair-Trade Media is 100% free to Premium Publishers, ensuring advertisers are sending as much of their ad spend as possible directly to publishers.


We streamline the advertising process by proving direct access to hundreds of Premium Publishers, latest inventory availability and excellent deal terms.


Access to Premium Publishers

Fair-Trade SSP

High Ad Viewability

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About Fair-Trade Media SSP

Fair-Trade Media SSP is independent programmatic platform. We enable a fully transparent platform for publishers and media buyers to build and manage brand safe PMP's. We simplify the complex and work with both sides of the media marketplace to assist both the publisher and the buyer.

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