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Customised access to the right Premium Publishers to meet your campaign needs


Maintaining relationships with hundreds of Premium Publishers is a labour intensive exercise for any agency. Ensuring you're seeing their best prices for their first look, highest viewability inventory requires a full time team of media experts. 

For many global agencies, Vatic Digital are that team.

Our relationships with Premium Publishers ensures we can provide your team with best deal terms across hundreds of Publishers. You will always have access to latest pricing and inventory availability.  In addition to household names, our extensive network will introduce you to Publishers you didn't know existed with niche audiences that are exactly what you're looking for.


Our Premium Publisher Network has significant reach both globally and into hard to access markets like China, India and South East Asia.

Our agency clients enjoy access to a customised Private Market Place backed up with a live "Mastersheet" of available premium inventory. Account or Trading teams can quickly scan the available inventory that meets their client's campaign goals and purchase through the relevant PMP.    

If your team needs to incorporate more premium publishers into your client's media plans, Get in Touch to see how we can make the experience seamless and efficient.

Streamlined Media Buying

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